Monday, December 5, 2011

Worry and Gratitude

One of the very best cures for worry is gratitude. When your thoughts are filled with gratitude, there’s no room left for worry.
Whatever you focus your thoughts on, grows more prominent and abundant in your life. So instead of focusing on what you fear might happen, focus on what you know is already good in your world.
Worry is not any fun, and it doesn’t get you anything you want to have. Gratitude, on the other hand, feels great and opens your life to more positive possibilities.
It’s just as easy to be thankful as it is to be worried. You simply have to make the choice of one over the other.
If you try to fight against thoughts of worry, that just brings on more worry. Yet when you begin to count and appreciate your blessings, the worry gets crowded out of your mind.
Make a habit of being thankful. And you’ll never have to worry.
— Ralph Marston

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  1. I believe in the Power of the word of God & his word is established. entering 2012 making a habit of being thankful.