Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why you are here...

You are here:
To gain character as you lose ego.
To gain integrity as you lose dishonesty.
To gain strength as you lose fear.
To gain compassion as you lose disappointment.
To gain discipline as you lose willfulness.
To gain equality as you lose separation.
To gain appreciation as you lose resentment.
To gain enthusiasm as you lose hostility.
To gain tenderness as you lose rigidity.
To gain boldness as you lose bitterness.
To gain generosity as you lose selfishness.
To gain optimism as you lose inadequacy.
To gain excitement as you lose embarrassment.
To gain gratitude as you lose greed.
To gain love as you lose ignorance.
Until now, you may not have been aware that as you surrender one thing willingly, you gain something better to replace it.
Form today onwards, live life like it is a spiritual stock market. Cut your losses and celebrate your gains.
Iyanla Vanzant