Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to Repel Negative Energy.

Everything is made of energy and that even includes us. Our energy affects other people and their energy affects us as well. This is apparent when we are around certain people who always make us feel happy or others who make us feel uncomfortable. You've probably walked into a room where you could just feel the negative energy. Strong negative energy fields can sap your own energy leaving you feeling drained. It is important to learn how to protect yourself by keeping negative energy at bay.


Visualize being surrounded by a bubble of positive energy. Whenever you feel negative energy imagine the bubble surrounding you and protecting you from the negative energy. The negative energy cannot penetrate the bubble therefore it cannot affect you. All negative energy bounces off the bubble and returns to its source. Practice this exercise until you feel comfortable forming the bubble to repel negative energy.

  • Carry citrine to repel negative energy. Citrine is a yellowish colored gemstone that dispels negativity. Many gemstones can become imbued with both negative and positive energies that they come in contact with but citrine does not hold negative energy and actually works to remove negative energy. Carry a piece of citrine in your pocket or wear a piece of citrine jewelry. Place several pieces of citrine around you home to dispel negative energy.

  • Use candles to dispel negative energy in the home. Everything has an energy of its own that can both affect and be affected by the energy of others. Burn candles to create a calm relaxing atmosphere. Choose candle colors such as pink which represents love, light blue which represents relaxation and healing as well as white which represents purity and cleansing.

  • Burn incense to repel negative energy. Burning incense can affect the energies around us. Throughout history many cultures have utilized the ritual of burning incense to aid prayers on their way to heaven, cleanse homes, clear negative energies and more. People often use certain scents such as sandalwood or sage to remove negative energies but you can use any scent that you feel comfortable with. Use the incense anywhere you feel negative energy.

  • Visualize your aura as a bright white light surrounding you. The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all beings. Visualize your aura emanating far from your body and expanding to protect you and repel all negative energy from entering your energy field. Practice this exercise until you feel comfortable doing it when needed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. We could all use a little less negative energy.