Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 Easy Ways To Ease Stress.

1. Breathe ! Many of us breathe shallowly, which means we breathe only into our chest. It is more calming, relaxing and healthy to breathe fully into our abdomen using the diaphragm.
2. During long periods of concentrated activity take frequent breaks.
When working, writing , studying, typing on the computer, or any other focused activity take a break for at least 1 minute per 1 hour of activity. You can stretch, take in a couple of deep breaths, walk around, get a drink of water, or simply go outside; fresh air is wonderful for the body’s circulation. The main point is to allow the body a change of pace and recovery time
3. Exercise and get plenty of fresh air. Exercise is not only good for our body , but also our mind. In exercising our brain produces and activates the hormonal substance endorphins which has a sedating, calming, euphoric effect on body and mind creating a mental state of a natural high and feeling "up with life." Cardiovascular exercise also releases in a healthy positive way pent up tension, frustration and anger. Which can be a natural by product of life.... so do something beneficial with it!
4. Balanced diet. Get plenty of green vegetables, and whole grains. These foods act as "stress buffers" cleansing, toning, and balancing the body. Also, if you are taking vitamin supplements they need to have food present in the body to be of benefit. Vitamins work synergistically with food. Also a balanced diet allows the body to be consistently fueled and nourished.
5. Drink plenty of water; preferably filtered water, or spring water. Research has shown that there is no better liquid for the body.
6. Balanced lifestyle. Time for leisure, rest and rejuvenation. A balanced lifestyle includes activities to enhance , harmonize, relax, and integrate mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
7. Have a creative outlet. A hobby; some activity that does not have to generate income. This can be painting, drawing, sewing, fishing, crafts, reading, writing, journal keeping, writing poetry, or perhaps meeting with friends for a philosophical conversation. A hobby can turn into a business, however that is not the main focus. It is enjoyment and creativity in and of itself.
8. Supportive friends, family; an association with like minded individuals. It is important for us all to have someone we can share and talk with on an intimate level. This communication and understanding sometimes comes from family members, however most often it comes from friends and associates that we develop a bond with because of similar interests and life situations.
9. A program or outlet that allows you to grow and expand. Studies have shown in the elderly that those that used their mind beneficially did not usually develop Alzheimer’s disease. Keep exploring and enjoying that precious gift called "you".
10. Laughter. Laughter is still the best age old medicine. In fact, there are many clinics and cancer therapies that include this in their treatment. Laugh at yourself, laugh with others.
A bird is able to fly high because he takes her/himself lightly.
Take an active part in your life. It is an expression of YOU....

Michele Metche'

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