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Over 99% of the fear you will experience in this lifetime is not from any real imminent danger. The mind loves to re-think about the past you lived and then project them into the present. Train your mind to focus on the present and forget about your past. Stop beating yourself up over something that happened one year ago!
Usually, no real drama lies in the present moment.  Your fear only exists in your thoughts about the future, such as your fear of losing your loved one after he or she had one stroke. That moment is in the past, so now you have the duty to think positive.  Life in your head is conceptualized, analyzed, thought-created reality that leaves you susceptible to all sorts of imagined future fears.
The present moment should be all that exists. In doing so, you are setting youself free from your fear.

Okay, you should look deep into your fear, and by this I mean you should determine what exactly is causing it. Be honest with yourself and let your defence barriers down. What are you most afraid of and why? Chances are, the direct “fear” is not what you’re afraid of at all. You are afraid of the relevant issues surrounding it. If you’re afraid of doing public speaches, you may just be afraid of saying the wrong thing and being laughed at. This, however, does not make you any less of a human being. Examine what makes you afraid and remind yourself that you’re going to be okay.

With fear, you can can either resist it or you can flow with it.  By resisting fear, you’re just strengthening it. By flowing with fear, you’re weakening it and eventually you can ignore it. This is the outcome you want, so remember to “Go with the flow”.

Trusting yourself when you live in fear is very important because it gives you the significance on your life. Some may believe that love erases fear. This is not always the case. Some fears, such as childhood trauma, need to be assisted with through clinical counselling. It allows you to get insight on what is really bothering you and how to go about addressing it.  Trust is the antidote to fear and this trust is simply a trust in life.  You should trust that life is what you need for your highest growth and evolution to occur.  Everything has a reason, as my mother told me. We may not understand it right away, but it’s there. We just need to trust ourselves.

Most often, this can be a very dreadful thing. You may not be ready to face your fear. Perhaps, you need to face your fear with someone you trust and is close to you. For example, if you fear of taking the elevator, go with a friend to the elevator and bush the button to open the door. Now, keep the door open and walk out of the elevator. You will have a feeling of complete relief. Next, you and your trusted companion can go to the next stage and take the elevator one floor up. After that, you can try taking the elevator alone. Remember that overcoming a fear takes patience and trust on your part.

When you focus on negativity and on your fear, you are attracting more negative energy into your life. Ever notice how positive, confident people attract more people of the like? Fear can’t survive in the high vibration.  Always focus on positive energies and outcomes.  Don’t let fear take your energy away.
Also, you’re disconnecting yourself from what really is the reality when you focus on your fear and what it may do to you. Fear perpetuates the illusion of separation so it makes a situation appear more dramatic than it really is. Re-connect with yourself and surround yourself around positive people. You will see a change and you will approve of it.

Stacy Zahn

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